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The perfect EV charging solution for your parking complex

EVBox business charging stations


Durable, scalable, and intelligent. The level II EVBox BusinessLine  charging stations are designed to make electrifying your business location easier than ever.


The ultimate EV charging experience


EVBox Iqon (level II) provides a more accessible, intelligent, and reliable EV charging experience. Designed specifically for the North American market, EVBox Iqon is the ideal charging solution for locations that aim to offer customers reliable EV charging with a premium look and feel.

Fast EV charging has never been easier


Fast, reliable, intelligent, and accessible, EVBox Troniq delivers a powerful output of up to 100 kW for a seamless EV charging experience at your location. Its standalone integrated architecture allows for simple install and set up, and its design lets it fit in nearly any layout—even compact spaces.

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