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 All-purpose Level 2 Charging Stations


CT4000 Series

The CT4000 family is the latest generation of ChargePoint commercial charging stations. Refined yet rugged, these stations set the industry standard for functionality and aesthetics


CPF50 Charging Station

The CPF50 is designed for select fleet and multi-family applications. For fleets, CPF50 stations are ideally suited for depot charging. For multi-family communities, CPF50 stations are intended for personal charging in assigned parking spots.

ChargePoint DC Fast Charging

Express 250

ChargePoint® Express 250 is based on industry-leading DC fast charging technology, engineered to fast charge current and next-generation electric cars, buses and trucks. At the heart of each Express 250 are 2 self-contained, easily swappable AC to DC Power Modules. This innovative design ensures that in the rare instance one module goes down, the station remains operational. It can be installed as a stand-alone station or in a paired configuration providing up to 25% more power than a 50kW station and 40% more with a paired configuration. When paired, smart power sharing and power allocation policies determine how much energyis allotted to each station in order to deliver flexible fast charging to two vehicles at a time.

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